Hi, I'm Sean

I'm a software engineer with a lifelong passion for solving interesting problems with technology. I am currently a Software Engineer at KAYAK, working on back-end data services. I was previously a graduate student at Tufts University where I earned an MS in Computer Science. I have over 15 years of experience working with Web-oriented software and have been building stuff for the Web since 1999. More recently through my day-job I have shifted focus toward server-side application development, and outside of work have developed additional interests in areas such as distributed systems, blockchain/cryptocurrency, networked applications, and data privacy.

Where to find me

Open Source Projects

WP Advanced Search

WP Advanced Search is a library for constructing highly customized search forms for websites running on the WordPress platform. The tool allows developers to easily construct granular search functionality that suits the particular data model of their site, supporting a variety of input types that can be combined in near-limitless ways.

Professional Experience

I've been fortunate to have worked for a variety of companies in several different industries, and in doing so have utilized many languages, tools, and frameworks on the job. I am comfortable working across the stack and enjoy doing so. Over the years I've had the opportunity to design and build a diverse set of interesting products, which include:

Fun facts

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